Brittany’s Date Diamond Blueprint Success

Hi ladies my name is Brittany. I’ve been working with Lii since June 2019.

Many of you may have seen my testimonials on Instagram and wondered “is this real”?  The first time seeing  Lii on Instagram live made me feel like” wow it sounds like she knows what she’s talking about”. So I stepped in for a few days then left because I truly believed I knew it all. After returning 3 months later fully committing to the program, taking notes during lives, during classes,  reached out to my SES sisters when needed, and built a solid support system.

Since then I’ve seen success equivalent to my own yearly salary. Getting my private student loans paid in a total of $16,000. I was given multiple gifts totaling more than $10,000 and cash gifts in an excess of $25,000. Ladies, that was just from one person. I have taken some of that cash and put it into building my business and my brand.

I now have a POT in my life who is willing to help me continue to achieve success. Within ten short days of meeting and with “The Blueprint” he was eager to invest $1500 into my business. Ladies this is not impossible. This is real and it can happen to you. Take a chance! Step outside of the box, invest in yourself, and have a seat at the diamond table.

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