"If you aspire to be in the C.E.O seat, you should wine & dine with one." ~ SweetLii

about sweet2elite

Welcome to Sweet2Elite University, the “IVY League” of online mentorship for women who made a choice to embrace their next level lifestyle.

Ladies like you, who are tired of struggling and ready to level up your relationships, finally taste financial flexibility and develop your divine feminine power.

  • With a tailored curriculum
  • A powerhouse mentorship program
  • & A diverse culture

S2EU has created a movement that distinguishes us from any other mentorship programs you (will find) have found.

"Create the Ultimate Lifestyle of Abundance you deserve."

Here, you will build lifelong relationships with like minded women who will encourage, guide, motivate and hold you accountable through every step of your journey. Your mentors will empower you with the tools you need to create the Ultimate Lifestyle of Abundance you deserve.

Your Sorority of Elite Sisters (S.E.S) understand the stress, struggles and the steps needed to begin your total lifestyle transformation.

We have BEEN there and made every monumental mistake.

From Mastering the Business Basics, and Feminine Freedom classes, to Finance 101 and Communication courses and still have not discovered the YOU, you’ve been searching for. Not seeing the results you expected? No growth or goals gained using their “shortcuts to success", "proven scripts”, and “finesse methods”?


Trusted YouTube Guru's, "lifestyle bloggers" and even Google all seemed to say the same thing. They told us WHAT to do and that we CAN do it, but never HOW. What to say but never gave us the secret on HOW to say it. Our unique online platform keeps the Elite education at your fingertips. Accessible anytime, anywhere, with the simplified navigation every student needs.

Allow us to introduce you to the most engaging, personalized, online community with unparalleled support and authentic testimonials.

Learn how to stand in your truth with clarity, and confidence and discover how to gracefully control conversations to get what you need now!

We encourage you to take full advantage of our complimentary Pre-enrollment Month. Utilize this time to meet your Mentors, grow with your Sweet Sisters (S.E.S), learn alongside The Elites, and acquire top tips from Alumni.

S2EU is a judgment-free goal-oriented community that unites vetted mentors, aspiring entrepreneurs, and a sorority of sisters committed to ensuring your success!

We respect your discretion and implement a full Non Disclosure Agreement with all faculty and students to ensure and enforce our privacy policies.

Sweet2Elite students from all over the globe have made the decision to take the leap, join the movement, and embrace our mantra -

“It’s not just a Luxury, it’s a Lifestyle”.



Meet SweetLii


Meet the Creator and President of Sweet Tooth Sundays, The Blueprint, and Sweet2Elite University, SweetLii Campbells. SweetLii was born and raised in Allentown, Pennsylvania and is a mother to two beautiful legacies, 11-year-old daughter Nevaeh, & six-year-old son, King.

The ability to reach women through social media has propelled SweetLii in becoming a lead Ambassador of affluence. Her passion to see women succeed & in less than 1 year has created a global women's movement 

Beyond her years of experience, SweetLii is Lifestyle friendly and seasoned, from life as a Dominatrix and spending years Sugar Dating, to finding everlasting love with her “very vanilla” hunni named "Poppa". SweetLii is a fempreneur to her core and created a proven formula to upgrade your entire lifestyle! Whether you are taking the journey alone as a single SES, or looking to meet an amazing man along the way, this mentor is for you!

From the very vanilla, to sugary, spicy or sweet- learn to entertain the Elite, no matter how you meet! The Blueprint has paved the way for ordinary women to become extraordinary.

  • 10 years of failed dating
  • Countless dead-end jobs &
  • Stepping into her 30’s
  • A single mom with 2 children

After 26 weeks of unemployment, it was time to for a plan. For the sake of her daughter & future generations of women everywhere, we needed a blueprint to show us HOW now!

SweetLii discovered the how, and with the support of the Sweet Tooth Sundays sisters, The Blueprint was built. Step into our sisterhood and let SweetLii & the Elites help you with your how, now. Sign up for a proven plan that will change your entire life. Let’s begin building your Blueprint today!

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