Start living your best life and do it all with his wallet!

Do you see yourself living a luxury lifestyle, & you're ready to go after it?


Do you already have several online dating profiles? Good, now let me help you attract the millionaires.


Are you sick of swiping for nothing, online things got you stressed out, & meeting men who are unwilling to invest in you?


Is the spoiling part simple, but getting what you really want is still very much a struggle?


Do you want to start dating different & meeting rich men, but aren't sure where to get started?

Then I want to empower you to elevate & become the woman the rich man you want - wants! My proven Date Different Blueprint Bootcamp will take you from unlucky in love to the lifestyle you've always imagined!


Hey, I'm Coach Lii

After repeated failed and toxic relationships, I realized that there had to be a way to have a healthy relationship and level up my life at the same time. After mastering the "sugar lifestyle", I decided to help other women to get to the bag as a level up coach. Quickly coming to the realization, there is more to dating than getting money from men... & the REAL success stories, (mine included) came from standing in our truth, transforming your life in all aspects (mind, body and spirit) and following the blueprint. Started focusing on my goals & tying poppa to them became easy with my formulas... That's the secret to getting him to willingly invest over $300k in me and my business. Let me help elevate you and get you one step closer to meeting your poppa.

Life changes drastically the moment you join The Blueprint Bootcamp:

This is for you IF...

You want to MASTER manifestation, money & meet men who are willing to invest in you

You're ready for an established man who desires a real relationship

You're ready to follow our proven formulas to get your inbox booming and attract willing potentials

You're ready to save time figuring it out on your own & get straight to the Blueprint

This is for you if: 

  • You are ready for a real long term connection with an established man

  • You prefer something far outside financial and well beyond the bedroom

  • You are a high value woman who "dates different" with intention to level up your lifestyle

  • You envision every day with a man who invests, protects and provides 

  • You believe if men are not useful they're useless

No more excuses SES, it's time to tap into your new luxury lifestyle.

Do you want it all? The house.. car and amazing man?

The Live 6 Week Diamond Blueprint Bootcamp is the ultimate dating guide to attracting abundance, meeting established men & using their wallet to build your wealth!

With the support of your sorority sesters, you'll do dinner with the handsome hedge fund son & lead the investment conversation with confidence! He won't hesitate to discover ways to help without you ever even asking. You ready?



    • You want to leave your next date with more than just dinner, but don't know how to get what you want.

    • You're tired of walking away the same way you walked in.

    • You're ready for a real relationship with a rich man but are unsure where to find him.

    • You desire deep transformation, that helps you evolve entirely, but don't know how to level up alone.

    • You know consistency is key but you need accountability and don't know where to start.


What's inside the Date Different Blueprint Bootcamp?

I am so glad you asked...

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Building Me Slowly

Dive in and break down your goals with our Goal Gains Formula, know exactly what you’re focused on to get the big bank not the baby bag! Get exclusive steps to pop your profile, attract men of affluence & eliminate the time wasters with sessions for success!


The Tough Talk

Setting elite expectations and articulating what it is you’re looking for is now easier than ever! Learn to set "sexpectations" before the first date so no more time is wasted on the unwilling! Our 1st Message Formula and What Are You Looking For Formula will ensure the top POT's find you faster.


Cookie Crumbs

There's millionaires in your inbox and you have Pot's to practice on- now is where it really gets exciting! Cookie crumbing is the no fail formula to get what you want without ever having to ask. Got your goals, you know how to set elite expectations & the W.A.Y.L.F formula. Now let’s put it together, practice & get paid!


The Pressure Pop

Coming across a POT that can’t take a hint can be frustrating, this week is dedicated to applying pressure to make him shit or get off the pot. Roleplay real life situations with Lii & be prepared when you're put in the position to turn up the heat & ask for what you want.


Every Single Time

What do you do when he says no? Be prepared and know what to say that leaves him no choice but to respond. This formula is GUARENTEED to get results. This formula that has helped diamond students into half million dollar homes, luxury cars, paid travel, and money to build their business. Join Coach Lii in the living room every Sunday to role play and answer your questions.



Check your Class Calendar so you don't miss module 6! This training is dedicated to you... Roleplay and practice every formula and ask those burning questions. If you're stuck this is where we come together and practice with you so those tough conversations come out confident. Share your testimonials, ahh ha moments & mingle with new Sesters.


Here's what our students and graduates have to say...

"Classes not only help find love but analyze who you are & truly discover what makes YOU happy. Genuine, positive and caring strong network of women who want each other to succeed. This encourages self awareness, growth & confidence.

- Health C.

"I have used techniques in just 5 weeks and have seen amazing results. This group of ladies are definitely diamonds!!!"

- Jeanetta T.

"I got a down payment on my house, started a new business, and I’m more confident. Worth every penny and then some because it paid for itself. Lii is amazing! Come sit with us!!!"

- Jasmine I.

"This is one of the best things to ever happen to me. I'm closer to being that strong woman I always dreamed of. Thank you so much for everything ❤️ 1Yr ago I would have probably been dead or completely given up, now I wake up with joy and optimism"

- Smoky J.

The Date Different Blueprint Bootcamp makes leveling up & attracting established men easy!

Date Different Blueprint

Live Weekly Coaching

The luxury lifestyle you've always imagined!

What makes The Date Different Blueprint Bootcamp standout from other courses like it?


 Workshops 1-6

With The Blueprint, you'll have every single workshop delivered immediately to expedite your success. Work at your own pace and review the material as needed. Never fumble the bag again with lifetime access to all six workshops*!


You have access to the course for limited time, so when you need more help, you have to re-enroll.


24/7 Sorority Support

Join Lii, my team and your sorority ses sisters in the Living Room every Sunday for our weekly clarity call. Live group coaching, role play and Q&A


Who even is the damn trainer? Do you ever get to speak to them? Do they show up to help or just offer those pre-recorded classes?


Date Different Diamond Dorm

You will receive LIFETIME access to the Facebook Community so you can seek help, review answers, ask questions, & get solutions anytime!


Community access is revoked immediately upon completion of the course. So no answers when you’re stuck.

Now You're Probably Asking Yourself...


This is a live course but you work at your own pace! All workshops are available immediately & available for self study. We meet on Saturdays @ 2pm Est for live group coaching.


This course is perfect for newbies, veterans and everyone in between. We focus on a total transformation. Preparation for a healthy relationship. Everything else follows when you follow the blueprint!

Here's everything you're going to get

website (700 x 462 px) (1273 x 541 px)
  • Live workshops & weekly clarity calls

  • Accountability Workbook

  • The Level Up Library

  • Lifetime Workshop Access*

  • 4x Week Booty Bootcamp

  • 24 hour Sorority Support

  • Discounts on Luxury Travel, Swag & Masterclasses

  • Bonus* - Lifetime Date Different Diamond Dorm Facebook Access!

Answers to your questions

What if I miss this registration is there another one?

These are time released & available when I am able to fully commit to what it takes to see success in such a short 6 week cohort. If the cohort is full, you will know by clicking on the payment link. A message will appear letting you know that registration has temporarily closed. I apologize in advance, we do sell out.

Who is The Date Different Blueprint really for?

Ladies like you in preparation mode. The Date Different Blueprint Bootcamp is designed to turn your dating experiences into much more than an additional stream of income. This blueprint is for those who are struggling to decide if they are really ready to date & ladies who are focused on their personal elevation through the men they meet... aka dating with a purpose!

Is this course self study? Are we alone in the learning process?

No, you will NEVER be alone during the Date Different Blueprint. You will have the entire sorority by your side walking with you through the Blueprint while you are actively enrolled, along with live weekly coaching calls with me. You will have access to all of the curriculum, recorded Webinar Jam & Zoom Calls calls, Sorority Support, and all the extras from your 6 week live cohort.

BP Forever* aka “lifetime access” does NOT guarantee Blueprint Course access once enrollment payments have ceased. Admins, Facebook group or additional support like the active enrollment sorority support will still be available. This post enrollment option is unavailable for purchase separately (ses seat) once an account is deemed "past Due" & all access may be revoked at that time.

Do I get to speak with Coach Lii 1 on 1?

Yes, all you have to do is attend live classes, weekend Q&A’s, be present, active & engaging to earn exclusive 1 on 1 calls with me. I am always looking to dive deeper with the ladies who participate the most. We meet weekly on Saturday at 2pm Est, you have the opportunity to connect & ask me questions on that call- so don't be late! You can also text BOOTCAMP to (484)479-0660 for the drop on when the next Bootcamp kicks off!

What if I don’t have dating experience?

That’s where The Date Different Blueprint comes in. You do not need to have a little black book to get started. This community along with the live 6 week course will help you elevate your mindset, align yourself with your goals & help you meet your millionaire. This sorority is for ladies like you, sick of dating losers & ready to profit from our dating experience!!

Is this course, community & trainings online or in person?

This training is exclusively online & all classes/courses are live &/or digital. You can login to The Date Different Bootcamp Study Hall portal anytime after enrollment to review the library & all courses and trainings once enrolled.

Do I have to attend class at a certain time?

No, you do not have to log in to your training at a specific time each day if you choose not to. However, I expect you to dedicate at least 1-2 hours per weekend to attend live Q&A/training. Once you enroll you will receive a notification via email letting you know that you may log into study hall and access the current week's call.

When do The Date Different classes start?

Enrollment/Registration opens up on January 1st, 2022, at 5 PM EST. Your 6 week ONLINE COURSE will begin immediately upon purchase. All 6 trainings/classes will be available on the same day. You are expected to begin 1 module per week & have access throughout your active enrollment. This goes for the Level Up Library as well.

How long do I have access to The Date Different Blueprint?

You will have lifetime access to the course curriculum in The Study Hall Portal so long as you remain an enrolled Sorority Sister. You will also have lifetime access to the FB community. If you ever need to go back review, reread, or totally start from scratch, you can. Once you invest, it's yours for LIFE!

Does this course guarantee results?

Although I have thousands of success stories from all over the globe, it would be unethical & quite frankly, illegal, for me to guarantee success. In fact, The Blueprint doesn't promise or guarantee anything outside of supplying you unlimited access to all the tools & resource our most successful students used to level up, meet their millionaire & build their business with his wallet! Your work ethic will determine your altitude & we will be right by your side to ensure it! 

What if I’m not happy with the course?

The last thing we want is another wasted investment, however, The Date Different Blueprint Bootcamp is an information, resource & knowledge based course. Our plethora of knowledge, along with our tools, education & experience CANNOT be returned once given, which deems this course as NON-REFUNDABLE. No exceptions.