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Do you already have several online dating profiles but they aren't attracting rich men?


Is the spoiling part simple, but getting what you really want is still very much a struggle?


Does online dating have you stressed out, & you're over meeting men unwilling to invest in you?


Do you want to start dating different & meeting rich men, but aren't sure where to get started?

Let me teach you how to take your lifestyle from mediocre to magnificent with my Date Different Blueprint Bootcamp. I will help you transform into the confident and irresistible boss babe that rich and successful men desire. Join my 10 week "fail-proof" program to help you break free from the cycle of bad relationships and elevate your dating game.

You deserve to live the life you've always dreamed of, and I'm here to show you how. Don't settle for less - invest in yourself and watch how quickly the right man comes along. Let's make your soft life a success story!


Meet your Coach

Coach Lii is the expert level-up coach who knows what it takes to have a healthy relationship and a thriving, lucrative soft life. She's not just about getting money from men - her approach involves standing in your truth, transforming all aspects of your life, and following her proven blueprint. With her help, you will meet your "poppa", begin building your business & step into your soft life. Coach Lii created the formulas and techniques that helped her attract over $1,000,000 in investments for herself and her students - and she's ready to share them with you. Say goodbye to toxic relationships and hello to your most empowered self. Let Coach Lii show you what's possible.

Life changes drastically the moment you join The Date Different Blueprint Bootcamp:

This is for you IF...

You want to MASTER manifestation, money & meet men willing to invest in you

You're ready for an established man who desires a real long term relationship

You're ready to follow our proven formulas that will leave your inbox booming with successful suitors

You're ready to save time figuring it out on your own & skip straight to the success story

No more excuses SES, it's time to tap into your new luxury lifestyle.

Craving the soft life triple threat:

Dream Home, Luxury Car, and a Provider Man?

The Live 10 Week Date Different Bootcamp is the ultimate dating guide to attracting abundance, meeting established men & using their wallet to build your wealth!

With the support of your sorority sesters, you'll do dinner with the handsome hedge fund son & lead the investment conversation with confidence! He won't hesitate to discover ways to help without you ever even asking. You ready?


  • Develop a comprehensive roadmap for building strong relationships with high value men

  • Experience accountability and goal setting through personalized coaching

  • Receive access to valuable tools, techniques, and resources for overall lifestyle transformation

  • Unlock your own potential and become the confident, successful woman you've always dreamed of

  • Get access to exclusive advice and resources on how to find, attract, and keep a rich man

  • Transform your entire outlook on dating and relationships through powerful weekly strategy sessions

What's inside the Date Different Bootcamp?

I am so glad you asked...


Rich Girl's Goal Guide

Reaching your goals can seem like an impossible task - but it doesn't have to be! Our straight-talking tactics equip you with strategies for success, plus bonus guidance on getting more time and money invested into YOU-- even from the men you meet! Get maximum results in less than a month & make achieving goals easier then ever. Start today and take back control with our Goals Gains formula.


Building Me Slowly

Unlock the secrets of creating a captivating profile that will draw in quality connections and help you discover your true identity. This worksheet is more than just fill-in-the blank; it encourages you to confidently express who you really are & showcase what makes you truly unique. Learn to articulate and attract high value providers who can't resist your allure. Once you've crafted your irresistible profile you'll get noticed by successful men overnight!


Profile Popping

Become the envy of your friends and unlock a world of financial success! Uncover words with power that will ten-fold your wealth, while perfecting conversations with those who can make it happen. You'll gain insight on ways to captivate attention online - drawing in high value providers by popping your profile with techniques designed for maximum results! Learn the tools that will help lead potential partners straight into your digital arms.


First Message Formula

In this module you'll discover the three-steps to attract, engage and keep a rich man’s attention. Uncover the secrets to setting elite expectations from the very first message. Outwit algorithms using the "Fav 5 Technique ", ignite conversations and learn how to make a lasting impression with just one inbox. Get ready for long lasting conversations that are purposeful & profitable.



Discover the two-step formula to masterfully entice and redirect attention in your relationships. Avoid the pressure of rushing into intimacy too early, craft conversations that keep him interested without intercourse, and enjoy time together "D-free"! Be the expert at walking him through his emotions while keeping your standards high - leaving him longing for more of you as you build deeper levels of connection.


Cookie Crumbs

This module will help you open the door and make it easier to get what you need without ever asking. By connecting his interests with yours as well as tactfully dropping hints, you'll learn how to tie him to your goals and perfectly time when & how to ask for assistance. Achieving your goals will open up a world of opportunities and once you master these skills your dreams will be easily within reach.


The Pressure Pop

Don't waste another second waiting for what you want. Discover how to unlock your ability to obtain a "yes" right away when making requests. Learn powerful techniques such as mastering the secret of silence, applying the perfect amount of pressure, and how to close like the pros. This stress test reveals right away if he's a reliable POT - or not. Seize control over negotiations & expand his willingness wallet!


The E.S.T Close

Learn the formula to transform rejection into opportunity every single time. Our step-by-step process will make it easier for you to navigate a "no" and capitalize on opportunities. Turn a maybe into money with the same exact strategy that has helped our Alumni into half million dollar homes, luxury cars, paid travel, and the means to build their businesses. Unlock new investments with our GUARENTEED method for getting the "Yes" you're looking for!


Building Your Inner Boss Babe

Ready to turn your passion into profit? This module will show you how! Leverage the Blueprint to turn your experience into income, align with your audience and craft a captivating bio description. Take your business to the next level with our powerful photo formula that will capture the eyes of your ideal clients anywhere in the world. Learn the strategy to initiating profitable conversations and get ready to transform your DM into dollars!


From the Blueprint to the Bank

Unlock the full potential of your content with our fool proof formula! Stop the swipe and transform ordinary stories, reels and carousels into captivating masterpieces. We'll show you how to save time with our content cyclone, craft creative solutions for objections and master call-to actions that will make your offer much more attractive. Empower your audience to close themselves without using hard sales tactics with our simple strategy . Get ready: it's time to earn income effortlessly

Here's what our students
and graduates have to say...

"Classes not only help find love but analyze who you are & truly discover what makes YOU happy. Genuine, positive and caring strong network of women who want each other to succeed. This encourages self awareness, growth & confidence.

- Health C.

"I have used techniques in just 5 weeks and have seen amazing results. This group of ladies are definitely diamonds!!!"

- Jeanetta T.

"I got a down payment on my house, started a new business, and I’m more confident. Worth every penny and then some because it paid for itself. Lii is amazing! Come sit with us!!!"

- Jasmine I.

"This is one of the best things to ever happen to me. I'm closer to being that strong woman I always dreamed of. Thank you so much for everything ❤️ 1Yr ago I would have probably been dead or completely given up, now I wake up with joy and optimism"

- Smoky J.

The Date Different Bootcamp makes leveling up & attracting established men easy!

Date Different Blueprint

Live Weekly Coaching

The luxury lifestyle you've always imagined!

What makes The Date Different Bootcamp standout from other courses like it?


 Workshops 1-10

With The Blueprint, you'll have every single workshop delivered weekly to ensure your success. Work at your own pace and never fumble another bag with 6 month access to the entire curriculum!


You have access to the course for limited time, so when you need more help, you have to re-enroll Or just be stuck in sticky situations with no support.


24/7 Sorority Support

Join Coach Lii, our team and other Bootcamp Bosses in private Facebook group every Sunday for our weekly clarity call & strategy session.


Who is the damn coach? Do you ever get to speak to them? Do they show up to help or just offer those pre-recorded video?


Date Different Diamond Dorm

You will receive LIFETIME access to the Facebook Community so you can seek help, review answers, ask questions, & get solutions anytime!


Community access is revoked immediately upon completion of the course. So no answers when you’re stuck.

Now You're Probably Asking Yourself...


This is a structured self study course so you work at your own pace! We meet on Sundays @ 5pm Est for live group coaching, Q&A & roleplay with Coach!


This course is perfect for newbies, veterans and everyone in between. We focus on achieving total lifestyle transformation & preparing you for a healthy long term relationship. Everything shifts when you follow the blueprint!

Here's everything you're going to get

  • 8 Week Date Different Course
  • 2 Business Bootcamp Classes
  • Live Weekly Clarity Calls With Coach
  • Bootcamp Accountability Workbook
  • FREE Ses Subscription ($199-$597 value)**
  • 30-90 Day Level Up Library Access**
  • 24 hour Sorority Support
  • Bonus* - Lifetime Access Facebook "Bootcamp Barracks"!

**access varies upon payments

Answers to your questions

Who is The Date Different Blueprint really for?

Ladies like you in preparation mode. The Date Different Bootcamp is designed to turn your dating experiences into much more than an additional stream of income. This blueprint is for ladies who are who are focused on their personal elevation & building profitable relationships... aka dating with a purpose!

What if I don’t have dating experience?

That’s where The Date Different Blueprint comes in. You do not need to have a little black book to get started. This community along with the live 10 week course will help you elevate your mindset, align yourself with your goals & help you meet your high value man. This course is for ladies like you - sick of dating losers & ready to profit from your dating experience!!

What if I miss this registration is there another one?

This course is time released & available when I am able to fully commit to what it takes to see success in just 10 short weeks. If the cohort is full, you will know by clicking on the payment link. A message will appear letting you know that registration has temporarily closed. I apologize in advance, seats will sell out.

Is this course self study? Are we alone in the learning process?

No, you will NEVER be alone during the Date Different Blueprint. You have the entire sorority by your side every day walking with you through each step while you are actively enrolled. You’ll also receive live weekly strategy sessions with me. You have access to all of the curriculum both recorded & Zoom calls, Sorority Support via our facebook community, and all the extras from your 10 week live cohort.

Blueprint enrollment does NOT guarantee course access once the enrollment duration has completed (6 months). Admins, Facebook group or additional support like SES sorority support will still be available should you choose to continue SES Seat enrollment for $99 a month.

Do I get to speak with Coach Lii 1 on 1?

Don't miss out on the amazing chance to connect with me and receive valuable advice! Attend weekly Sunday classes at 5pm EST, participate actively in Q&A's for an opportunity to be chosen for exclusive 1-on-1 calls. On these private sessions you can ask questions, get personalized insights and develop your skills by roleplaying activities I tailor specifically just for you - so keep a close eye on when bootcamp starts up again. Text BOOTCAMP*(484)749-0660 now if you don't want to miss it!

Is this course online or in person?

This course training is exclusively online & all classes are dripped out weekly in our digital Study Hall. You can login to The Date Different Bootcamp virtual portal anytime during active enrollment to study your courses and catch up on trainings, once you’ve completed enrollment, and for up to 6 months after your 10 week cohort has closed.

Do I have to attend class at a certain time?

You have the freedom to decide when you log in each week for your training. However, I recommend dedicating one hour on Sunday so that you don't miss out on the live strategy session! Once enrolled, a notification will be sent via email letting you know where and how to access weekly videos. It's important to note that even after 10-weeks are complete , all course material is still available - just not those engaging conversations from our exclusive Strategy Sessions 

When do The Date Different classes start?

Enrollment/Registration opens up on May 1st, 2022, at 5PM EST. Your 10 week ONLINE COURSE will begin June 4th, 2023. One training/class will be released each week on Sunday. You are expected to view 1 module per week & review at your leisure throughout your active enrollment should you choose to.

How long do I have access to The Date Different Bootcamp?

You will have 6 months access to the course curriculum in The Study Hall Portal. You will also have lifetime access to the private Bootcamp Barracks FB community. If you need to go back review, reread, or totally start from scratch, you can. Once you invest, course materials are available for 6 months & the FB community is open for life!

Does this course guarantee results?

Although I have thousands of success stories from all over the globe, it would be unethical & quite frankly, illegal, for me to guarantee success. In fact, The Blueprint doesn't promise or guarantee anything outside of supplying you access to all the tools & resources our most successful students used to level up, meet their High value man & build their business with his wallet! Your work ethic will determine your success story & we will be right by your side doing everything we can to ensure it! 

What if I’m not happy with the course?

The last thing we want is another wasted investment, however, The Date Different Blueprint Bootcamp is an information, resource & knowledge based course. Our plethora of knowledge, along with our tools, education & experience CANNOT be returned once given, which deems this course as NON-REFUNDABLE. No exceptions.