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Melissa’s FemmePrenuer Blueprint Success

I joined the Sweet 2 Elite University in June 2019. At the time I was trying to find the balance between my worth and attracting a man of substance. Then I met Lii and the Sweet 2 Elite University, she worked with me to find my value as she constantly pushed me to seek better. Through Lii’s guidance, she gave me confidence, creativity, and a different mindset. From this program, I learned in order for me to become successful I have to put in the work to get there. Hence, the idea for the iWill Wallet grew! This program taught me a lot about myself; If you are looking to grow in all areas of your life, I urge you to schedule a clarity call with Lii.”

Amanda’s DateDifferent Blueprint Success

My name is Amanda; I began my journey with the Sweet 2 Elite University 5 months ago. Before the The Blueprint life for me was filled with uncertainty, stagnancy and I was unsure of myself. Casually scrolling through IG one day I found Lii; I reached out to her only to make sure she was legit and that I wasn’t just throwing my hard earned money away. That call changed my mindset instantly. Since stepping in as a Diamond I’ve gained an abundance of knowledge, confidence and a mindset that I couldn’t find within myself. Through the program I’ve been able to meet find my true self and LEVEL UP in more ways than one. I’ve secured a business, a home and an overall comfortable lifestyle. Ladies if your ready for you LEVEL UP and tired of having to prove yourself worthy to these men, then THIS IS FOR YOU SIS!!! Schedule a Clarity Call with Lii ASAP‼️

Brittany’s Date Diamond Blueprint Success

Hi ladies my name is Brittany. I’ve been working with Lii since June 2019.

Many of you may have seen my testimonials on Instagram and wondered “is this real”?  The first time seeing  Lii on Instagram live made me feel like” wow it sounds like she knows what she’s talking about”. So I stepped in for a few days then left because I truly believed I knew it all. After returning 3 months later fully committing to the program, taking notes during lives, during classes,  reached out to my SES sisters when needed, and built a solid support system.

Since then I’ve seen success equivalent to my own yearly salary. Getting my private student loans paid in a total of $16,000. I was given multiple gifts totaling more than $10,000 and cash gifts in an excess of $25,000. Ladies, that was just from one person. I have taken some of that cash and put it into building my business and my brand.

I now have a POT in my life who is willing to help me continue to achieve success. Within ten short days of meeting and with “The Blueprint” he was eager to invest $1500 into my business. Ladies this is not impossible. This is real and it can happen to you. Take a chance! Step outside of the box, invest in yourself, and have a seat at the diamond table.

Allowances and surprise gifts

Purpose not pockets

Real time success


Lunch and an atm🙌🏻

Daily success🙌🏻



Just because!

Money for my new book

New dresses!


I see you!


Little morning pick me up

Bank wiring


Take care of all my needs!



gifts y’all!

Easter for you and the girls


Shoes for the girls and I!

New Shoes all from POT


Stacks for Breakfast

Imma do me!



Another check!

Today’s win!

New phone, lingerie, and cash!



New earphones!

Step in the right direction!

Back at it!


New phone!

Winter Coat

Waking up to gifts!

Another Flight Paid✈️

Mr. Italy

New Car Time