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Hey SES, it’s Coach Lii here.

To be honest, this is something I have never done before and will likely NEVER do again…

On this page you are going to find a life changing masterclass where I will teach you

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You Will Get Access To Exclusive Secrets Like:

You Will Get Access To Exclusive Secrets Like:

Listen SES,

If you are tired of meeting and dating broke dusties who suck more out of your life than they contribute to it, you might want to pay attention

Because I am about to hand you the blueprint that will put an end to you dating busters…

Not only that, but I will help you transform your lifestyle and business in 2023 by showing you how to kick your standards up a notch while creating your own level up in life.

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Session ONE: Finding The One Most Willing

There is a difference between a wealthy man who is willing to support your dreams and another who is interested in ONLY fun.

This session will help you understand the difference. You will no longer have to waste anymore time on unwilling men.

Session Two: “Asking” Like A Boss Babe

Never again feel like you’re begging for anything ever! You’ll be able to get what you want without ever even asking and tie him to your goals without feeling like a gold digger. Take the discomfort out of asking by applying a secret formula that works every single time on every rich man you meet.

Session Three: When To Ask For What You Want - Timing is everything!

Never get another “no” or rigorous shake of the head from a man you know is capable. Learn the exact time to ask for the investment. Stop guessing and getting shut down because you haven’t built your value… and use this formula to get a yes every time. I’ll teach you exactly when to pull the trigger so he never says no.

Session Four: What To Say To Get Him To Pay

The greatest mistake I see ladies make is asking for things over the phone and through text. It’s got to stop if you want real results! The way to the investment is positioning yourself in proximity.

Session Five: Setting Up The Auto Pay Play

Even if things go belly up, learn how to keep his coins coming in long after he’s gone by setting yourself up for success while you’re with him.

Learn how to reinvest his money and turn it into a 6-figure finesse just like I did! Now I will show you how it’s done!

If you know me, you already know my masterclasses always get results.

Need proof of that?

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He’s Given Me $26K and A Mercedes

“Coach Lii, I don’t know how you do it, but you do it! Thank you for being patient with me and teaching me how to change my attitude and conversations. Me and my Poppa have been together for a month and he’s given me $26,000 plussss I’m supposed to pick up a Mercedes Friday!!!!! Yassss SES, You’re Gods Gift” – Breyanna E

She Helps Everyone Understand and Win

“Coach Lii is absolutely amazing! She is patient and understanding but also knows how to bring you to a strong reality as a mentor! She helps break down what most mentors just won’t to help everyone understand and win! That is what true leadership is all about! Shine on! ⭐️ there aren’t enough stars for the exemplary energy she exhibits!” – Christine S.

As you can see this Masterclass is LIT and i would LOVE you to start winning too!

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There’s Even More!

That’s right…

If you accept my invitation to join this Masterclass, you will get the following as bonuses!

Bonus #1: Course Guide

You will also work with a full-blown course that will outline step-by-step on different ways to win over his wallet without even asking.

This course will be supplementary material to enhance what you learn on the Masterclass.

Bonus #2: Cheat Codes

This playbook will show you how to get him to invest in your business even if you don’t own anything yet.

Bonus #3: What We Don’t Do

These are scripts that lists out all the things you should never say. What you say can either be a green flag or a red flag to these rich poppas.

You want to steer clear of turning them off and chasing them away with what you say. These scripts will help you.

Bonus #4: ReDirection

Turn his advances into your income and use Our redirections for his objections.
These bonuses are valued at $397, but you get all of them free when you join the Masterclass today.

Let me be honest with you for a minute here…

To have a one hour one-on-one session with me will currently cost you $350/hour.

So based on that, I would be well within my rights to charge $1750 ($350 X 5) for this Masterclass… and that would still be a steal.

I am not going to charge $1750 (at least NOT for now)

Instead, I am making this super affordable…

That means if you accept my invitation to join the Masterclass today…


Instead of $1750, it’s normally $297

And if you are wondering why such a drastic price slash?

Well, I just want to give back to community.

And what better way is there than making premium information available to you at an affordable price?

And just to erase the entire risks off your shoulders, you are also backed by my

Risk-Free Money Back Guarantee

My guarantee is simple.

Just follow everything I teach in the Masterclass and go ahead to implement them in the real world… if you don’t start attracting higher quality men, and if you are still unable to get them to invest in you and your dreams… you can get a complete, fast, no-hassle refund.

All I ask is that you give an honest effort. You get a full eight weeks to try out this material without risk. I can’t get any more fair than that. I want to treat you the way I wish other businesses treated me.